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Füssen & Sourroundings
Top sights and fascinating nature

Welcome to Füssen - the perfect place for those who long for a break in the Alps! Here you will find not only breathtaking landscapes, but also the most impressive royal castles in Germany. But that's not all the region has to offer. Let's go on a discovery tour together and show you the top sights of Füssen and its surroundings.

Let's start with the royal castles, which are undoubtedly among the most famous landmarks of the region. Neuschwanstein Castle, often referred to as the "fairytale castle," was built by King Ludwig II and served as the inspiration for the castle in the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. When you visit the castle and take a tour of the inside, you'll feel like you're in a fairy tale - with sumptuous furniture, ornate murals and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

But Hohenschwangau Castle is also worth a visit. It was the childhood home of King Ludwig II and was later converted by him into a summer residence. Today, the castle houses a museum where you can learn more about the history of the region and the royal family.

Besides the royal castles, there are many other sights in the region. The Lech Falls, where the Lech River cascades down a rocky step, is an impressive natural spectacle that you shouldn't miss. The monastery of St. Mang and the historical town center of Füssen are also worth a visit - here you can stroll through narrow streets, admire the colorful houses and enjoy regional delicacies in cozy cafes.

If you like to be out and about in nature, this is the place for you. The region is surrounded by mountains and lakes and offers countless opportunities for hiking, biking and water sports. The Forggensee is the largest lake in the region and offers ideal conditions for sailing, surfing and swimming. For a breathtaking view, be sure to climb Tegelberg Mountain. The climb may be strenuous, but the view from the top will reward you.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your hiking boots and head to the Old Kings Hostel. Here you can expect an unforgettable time full of adventure, discovery and relaxation in the middle of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.

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Old Kings Design Hostel
Daniel Kinast
Franziskanergasse 2
87629 Füssen
Tel. +49 8362 9899365
Mobil +49 157 92512521


We are available by phone or WhatsApp daily at the following times:

10am - 1pm3pm - 9pm

Book your room online
or send us an email: info@oldkings-hostel.com


We are looking for support in all areas:

  • Breakfast service
  • cleaning

in each case part-time or on mini job basis

No experience necessary! We will be happy to train you.

Contact us by mail, WhatsApp or phone call.


Check Infrom 3pm
Check Outuntil 10am
24h Self Check Inwith door code
Breakfast8am - 10am
Karma Bar24/7
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